Education, Training and the Pursuit of Purpose

A Washington D.C. Native,

AP. Alston, has coined herself as “The Graced Widow” she is an Educator, Certified Wellness Advisor and Holistic Life Coach. She holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science degree and has over 15 years knowledge in the field of education and wellness. Her studies and experiences have focused on, but are not limited to, biology, holistic nutrition, women’s health, women’s empowerment, youth development and other related modalities.

Wellness is near and dear to AP’s heart as at the age of 19 she lost her 47 year old mother to unhealthy lifestyle choices. Also, her 37 year old brother sadly and suddenly passed away in 2015 and most recently, she’s experienced the loss of her husband and aunt to cancer. The most recent losses lead A.P. to severe bouts of depression, anxiety, insomnia and PTSD. 

As a result, she soon became physically and mentally incapable of functioning at her best and her young children were starting to become affected by her condition. Finally, in 2018, A.P. started to launch back into her wellness routine by teaching fitness classes and maintaining a vigorous self care regime. She attributes much of her success in fighting her way back to solid mental, physical and emotional health with her switch to a consistent holistic lifestyle and the use of CBD based products. She believes that the catalyst of change was directly correlated with adopting and maintaining holistic health and wellness practices.

A.P. is currently a doctoral candidate, aspiring author and speaker. In addition, she is trained and certified to teach a multitude of fitness formats. However, above all she is the mother of two incredibly gifted children, who keep her focused and motivated each day to be her best self and to pursue the purpose behind her passion.
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Passionate and motivated

AP IS COMMITTED to helping and serving through any capacity God has gifted her. She has a life-long passion for developing enrichment, education and leadership programs that will improve the everyday lives of all women and girls. She devotes her spare time to mentoring at-risk youth, primarily girls. 

AP is passionate about women and girls realizing their worth to better understand and fulfill their purpose.  She believes that every women and girl has access from within to maximize their full potential to be their best selves.  AP embodies the notion that each of us are strategically crafted and it is our inner light and positivity that radiates outwardly which makes us uniquely beautiful!